About SBK9s

Soaring Blue K9s (SBK9s) Disc Dogs was started in 2016 with the intent to help people learn how to interact or play with their pups in a more entertaining fashion, whether it be via fun and original play styles or just figuring out how to engage in the more basic obedience training.

On top of that, we also offer disc dog entertainment services for events, demonstrating some of the more fun, exciting things that people can do with their dogs, no matter the breed or origin of your pup.

Our training ranges from basic obedience to learning how to play with your dog using Frisbee discs and maybe even becoming a stunt dog! You would be surprised how fun it can be to learn training new behaviors with your pup.

We landed in this fun world of disc dog sports by discovering what we can do with our energetic, over-the-top rescue pups to help vent their excess energies. The next thing you know, there we are, having fun on the field.
Purina Disc Dog Competition, Huntington Beach, CA

Since founding the team that started SBK9s, we have earned a number of podium finishes in local disc dog competitions and performed for a number of disc dog acrobatic shows for venues such as SPCA benefits, sporting events and have even been featured in a few newspapers and other exciting things.

If you want to reach out to us to check on availability for training or demonstrations for your event, you can contact us at the following address:

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